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Elemental Sulfur
800 gr / lt

Eventus Jupiter-S includes S which is one of the essential nutrients that is required for the adequate growth and development of plants. Sulfur is a structural component of protein disulfide bonds, amino acids, vitamins, and cofactors

Note; We would like to remind you that sulfur, which has been used since the ancient Roman period, harms living things such as fungi and some insect species (red spider).

Dosage - Application Method

Recommended dosages & application methods for the needs of all plants;
Foliar Application: 200-300 cc/da (1000 m2) / in 100 liters of water
Drip irrigation: 2 -3 L /da (1000 m2)

These doses are advisory. The application dose should be given by the agronomists in your area based on soil and leaf analysis.