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Humic+Fulvic Acid
Organic Matter
Potassium (K20)

Eventus Pluton-H buffers soil pH to 5.5 to 7.5 levels which is ideal for plant development and nutrients absorption. Thus acting as a natural chelator, they help plant roots to absorb nutrients more efficiently to create long term positive effect on soil quality and productivity.

Note: Pluton H (Humic acid) should not be applied on leaves due to its large particle size. Otherwise, it may cause clogging of the stomata on the leaves of the plant.

Dosage - Application Method

Recommended dosages & application methods for the needs of all plants;
Drip irrigation: 2 -3 L /da (1000 m2)

These doses are advisory. The application dose should be given by the agronomists in your area based on soil and leaf analysis.